Outfitting You

Three Rivers Outdoors is your full-service outfitter and guide to the wonders of the Altamaha River and the region, whether for a few hours or up to 10 days. Bring yourself and a friend or trek your wild adventures in a group.

We provide outfitting services for all 137 miles of this mighty river, including:

guide/interpretive naturalist service
• rentals and sales of equipment
canoes and kayaks
• shuttle service
• And catering if you need it.

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Serving three great rivers—the Ocmulgee, Oconee and Altamaha—our outdoor center is located on the banks of the Altamaha, perched on its banks overlooking one of its scenic stretches. We can give you a history and biology lesson on the mighty river or take you on a serene moonlit paddle. While we’re proud that we were featured on NOAA's "Rivers to Reefs" production and the Discovery Channels "Survivorman" series, we love civic groups and churches as well. You will enjoy the thrill of:

Hiking blazed trails
Biking over banks and bushes
Or orienteering and geocaching your way to new adventures.

The Altamaha

While we can provide turn key, full-service outfitting for these three great rivers, the star of our show is the mighty Altamaha. A natural paradise for paddlers and other outdoorsmen and designated by The Nature Conservancy as one of the 75 "Last Great Places" in the world, the Altamaha River is one of the most biologically diverse river systems in the Southeast. It is the second largest watershed on the Eastern Seaboard, flowing 137 miles from the confluence of the Ocmulgee and Oconee rivers just east of Lumber City to its delta at the Atlantic Ocean between Darien and Brunswick (known as the Altamaha River Canoe Trail). This un-dammed treasure is a magnificent ecosystem, home to more than 130 rare and endangered species including bald eagles, swallow-tailed kites and red-cockaded woodpeckers which thrive among forests, swamps and tidal marshes.

Other natural assets for your perfect outdoor experience:

Yamassee Bicycle Trail

Cycling through our countryside of pecan orchards and cotton fields and into the den of Southern hospitality, the Yamassee Trail traverses 27 miles of Montgomery County through Mt. Vernon, Alston, Uvalda, and historic Long Pond. There are no billboards, only forests, historic churches and beautiful farms. Yamassee Trail begins in Mt. Vernon at the Montgomery County Courthouse—just follow the trail markers.

For a trail map or information, call 912-538-8687 or contact Dan Brown at 912-537-2155 or 912-537-4545 for a guided tour or bike rentals.

Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area

With more than 13,000 acres of hardwood and pines, ponds, river swamps and bottom lands along the Altamaha River, managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area is a perfect place for:

And primitive camping

For information, call 912-375-4543 or 912-375-6611.

Grays Landing

Grays Landing is an ideal point on the Altamaha River for launching your boat for a day on the river. Includes a boat ramp, picnicking, grilling and camping near Uvalda. For information, call 912- 538-8687.

Towns Bluff Boat Ramp & River Park

A perfect year-round location for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, biking, hiking, and primitive camping, Towns Bluff Boat Ramp & River Park is the closest landing to the headwaters of the Altamaha. For more information, call 912-375-4543 or 912- 375-6611.

Fishing/Bird Watching/Hiking

Three Rivers Outdoor is the perfect location for all your wildlife pleasures. Put those binoculars up to your eyes and witness the abrupt dash of a long-tailed hawk as it descends from its perch and swoops in on its pray. The wonders of nature can happen in a blink of an eye, but when you stop and appreciate the tree leaves performing a lofty wilderness dance in a soft breeze, while below are the soothing rhythms of the wilderness, time begins to slow down and the wilderness becomes an orchestra to your ears and a lively spectacle to your eyes. Here is a list of birds to look out for!

Barn Owls
Old World Sparrows

After searching for your favorite feathered friends, challenge yourself to catch the largest fish of the Altamaha River! Our rivers flourish with plentiful aquatic creatures. When you have caught the perfect dinner, dry off with a hike around our scenic nature trails. You won’t lose track of where you are, but you may lose track of time.